The newest Dragon Ball Z movie for fans – Dragon Ball Z revival of F

Sorbet and Tagoma, members of Freeza’s army, arrive on Earth in search of the Dragon Balls. This sounds pretty common when we come to think of the Dragon Ball universe, however there is a whole new twist to it when we watch dragon ball z revival of f. The goal is to gather them to bring their former leader back to life, who died after a battle with Goku – and if you are a fan of the series, which is a true myth in several different countries all over the world – then you will definitely have interest in watching this movie. The plan is successful and, with it, Freeza returns with a vengeance. Now, Goku and his friends will have to come together to send the villain again to the underworld. The movie dbz revival of f was released in june 2015 and definitely made its fans fall in love with Goku and his gang all over again.

Curious facts aboutdbz revival of f

  • The film is derived from the anime Dragon Ball Z (1996), created by Akira Toriyama. This is the fifteenth film of attraction.
  • Dbz revival of fan original story, as well as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (2013).
  • Freeza’s henchmen villain have food names: Tagoma is a derivation of the Japanese word “tamago”, which means “egg”; Sorbet comes from “ice cream”; and Shisami refers to the famous Japanese dish “sashimi”.
  • The letter F of the title refers to the villain’s name initial, Frieza.
  • The idea of ​​the title of the film came when Akira Toriyama heard the song “F”, the Japanese band Maximum The Hormone, indicated by a friend. The most curious thing is that the band, in fact, already had composed a song about Frieza.
  • dragon ball z revival of f never ends in the hearts of fans!
  • The whole gang will be there – exactly the way fans are used to them – no plot twists that spoil the fun!

The questions that arose when dragon ball z fukkatsu no f was released

Whenever a new film in the series Dragon Ball comes to the big screen, there also comes the inevitable question: it is only for connoisseurs of mythology created by Akira Toriyama and the uninitiated can also enjoy the featured film? In the case of The Renaissance Freeza, the answer is closer to the first group. Unlike Battle of the Gods, rather didactic to continue the saga of Goku& co, this new film requires the viewer to bring some prior information. The movie is still worth it for those who know the series. Fans will definitely not feel betrayed since there is no extreme plot twist. Fans will indeed be happy to see all of their favorite characters in yet one more adventure. This is indeed an amazing movie that will definitely make fans happy.

At least, watching the previous movie is mandatory for those who want to really understand what goes on in dragon ball z fukkatsu no f.

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