Dragon Ball Z, the battle of God synopsis

Dragon Ball Z, the battle of God synopsis

The Planet of Saiyans has been completely destroyed by Frieza and nothing remains on that planet. The God of Destruction, “Beerus” is visiting Earth looking for ‘Formidable opponent’ he saw in his prophetic dream. Beerus is the most powerful God who destroys planet to keep the balance of universe. His decisions are unaltered and once determined cannot be stopped. What will become of Earths fait? Does this Godly visit marks the end of Earth also?

The intentions of Lord Beerus:

Whis, the attendant of Lord Beerus wakes him from his 39 years of slumber. After he wakes up from his short nap, Whis informs Beerus about some important events that occurred during his slumber. Beerus is fine to be informed of Planet Saiyan destruction by Frieza as it was done on Beerus’ orders. What rises a little concern and curiosity in Beerus mind is the news of Frieza Defeat by a Saiyan “Goku”. He is also informed that some Saiyans survived and are living on other planets like earth and they can also transform into more powerful “Super Saiyans”.

The mentioning of this piece of information makes Beerus aroused and concerned but not worried. He tells of a dream he saw in his sleep of a “Super Saiyan God” who will emerge as his “formidable opponent” but now he was wondering if the dream was a prophecy to be followed by fated reality. He asks Whis about Saiyan who survived and Goku who defeated Freiza. He was eager to find out if “Super Saiyan God” really exists so he decides to pay visit to all the Saiyans who survived.

The search for “Super Saiyan God”:

Goku is training with Kaio on his planet. Learning and developing his skills with Kaio and an over confidence he has gained after acquiring Super Saiyan transformation. Beerus decides to meet Goku and reaches Planet Kaio, Kaio is worried and disturbed by his visit. He humbly greets the God of Destruction but Beerus asks for Goku. Goku meets Beerus in casual way but he doesn’t appreciate it and asks for a proper greeting which Goku poorly manages. They have conversation which leads to the topic of ‘Super Saiyan God”. Kaio and Goku shows complete unfamiliarity with such existence. Before he leaves Goku asks for a fight with Beerus, which leaves Goku in a bad shape with a single blow from Beerus.read this article for more details.

Beerus is still not satisfied and decides to visit Earth. Vegeta is informed by Kaio of his arrival but before he could tell anyone Beerus and Whis has already joined the birthday party of Bulma, Vegeta’s wife. Everything is fine and runs smoothly until some disturbance leads to a fight and Beerus makes up his mind to destroy earth. To tackle with the situation the Z fighters themselves are looking for the Super Saiyan God and discovers that the entity can be made with the information from Shenlong. Six Saiyans team up to produce a Super Saiyan God, the procedure ends in a huge battle light and emergence of red aura of Goku as Super Saiyan God.

The Battle of Gods:

This moment marks the beginning of great battle between two powerful Gods. Beerus knows now that Goku has become a God and his powers have increased but his own powers are one of the kind in universe. The great battle begins with both gods in their super transformed forms, huge and powerful blows and attacks from both side continues but there is no defeating end yet decided.

Dragon Ball Z, the battle of God synopsis

This fight could continue for forever because there was no defeat although the emergence of Goku as Super Saiyan God did impress Beerus, which makes him postpone his decision of Earth destruction on condition that Goku surrenders which he did!checkout latest episode at http://attackofthefanboy.com/opinion/dragon-ball-super-episode-12-review-god-fight-continues/

The movie Dragon ball Z: battle of Gods was a huge success which leaded to its sequel “Dragon Ball Z: revival of F”. The story and scheme is extra ordinary with comical and thrilling fighting scenes giving energy boosts throughout the movie.

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