Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F’ North America Release Date & Screening

Dragon Ball Z Revival of F

After getting a huge success and fan approval, appreciation in Japan; Toei Amination is ready to get the Americans going to cinema. Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F broke records and did extra ordinary business in Japan, now it’s time for North America to get entertained by this fully packaged anime! It has story, thrill, fun, comic and an exciting plot.

North American release:

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F is not the first of Toei Animation that will be released in English, the serial and the previous part “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” have also been dubbed, released, watched, approved and appreciated worldwide. This professional task of English dubbing accomplished by FUNimation’s!! And now the movie is getting a limited release in North American Theaters from August 4- 12.

Although the movie is released in Japan in 3D, it is still not known if in American theaters the release would be 3D or not? The movie will be shown in selective theaters and for very limited duration also limited tickets so it is advisable to not miss this chance of super fun anime experience with friends and family.see more animation movie at http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/oct/01/dragonball-z-resurrection-f-manga-animation

Interesting plot and thrilling action:

Dragon ball z: Revival of F follows the storyline of Goku and his life. But this doesn’t mean it is only Dragon ball Z fans and followers targeted. The concept and scheme of film does follow storyline but welcome old and new fans. The movie is an animation but is super exciting and fun for kids and adults equally.

After the settlement with Beerus, God of Destruction by Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods; the earth is in peace and the people are also living happy. But there is something they are oblivious of!! The remnants of army of Frieza are seeking for a way to revive their leader, their Master. The revival is accomplished with the help of Pilaf, Mai and Shu. The great fighter has emerged now more powerful and super determined to seek vengeance on Goku and other Saiyans. An army of 1000 reaches earth with intentions of annihilation and obliteration! The twists and turns in movie make it full of suspense. The grand arrival of Frieza on Earth and the following events won’t let viewers look way from screen.read more reviews about this movie at http://www.flickeringmyth.com/2015/09/movie-review-dragon-ball-z-resurrection-f-2015-2.html

Brief Spoiler and sneak peek:

Dragon Ball Z Revival of F

Apart from the great plot and scheme that is followed in movie the graphics, audio and character development is remarkably stunning. The animation project is personally supervised by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball z series. The epic moments include the revival of Frieza, a wish granted by dragon Shinlong, the arrival of Frieza army on earth, the encounter of Saiyans and Frieza Army and the mega fight of Goku and Frieza. The revelation of “Golden Frieza Form” and the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form of Goku, the aura are climaxes of movie. The sad and heart wrenching scene of wounded and weak Goku and a lot more! Dragon Ball z: revival of F is complete in all aspects of thrill, fight, comic, and fun. The Film will also be released in Australia and probably UK.

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