Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F: What the F?

Let’s face it… geek culture is cool. One of the most up and coming geek culture things is dragon ball z revival f. Don’t know what that is? We’ll discuss the ins and outs and what out “what the F?”

What is the plot of Dragon Ball Z Revival F?

Dragon Ball Z Revival F is the most recent movie from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. It’s just as big and ridiculous as the rest of the offerings from that franchise and fans will not be disappointed. The film features the main character, Frieza (hence the F in Dragon Ball Z Revival F!) who until recently was one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe. After his fall from grace and subsequent resurrection by his minions in DBZ Revival F, Frieza is back and looking for revenge. During the time that Frieza was gone, Goku has been training nonstop. He’s trained with the god of gods (think the biggest, strongest dude in the universe – basically unbeatable!), fought a monster than is capable of destroying universes and battled with a death god of destruction and, after beating that god, trained with his god! Before Dragon Ball Z Revival F, Goku was a simple Saiyon when he beat Frieza the first time and now he has leveled up to a Super Saiyon God! How will Frieza survive this one?!

Why should I watch Dragon Ball Z Revival F?

ccording to critics, DBZ Revival F is one of the most pure and more entertaining movies in franchise history! Even if you don’t have a lot of history with Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Revival F is a stand alone and fun movie. It almost works as an abridged version of the full franchise, showing the entire arc of the characters and what that means for the universe. It shows just how much and how quickly the power structure of the whole Dragon Ball Z universe can change. Although it is a little slow at the beginning, it picks up and is a nonstop thrill ride for the majority of the remainder of the movie. Who will prevail? Goku? Frieza? What will happen to the world after that? You should definitely watch Dragon Ball Z Revival F to answer those questions and more that you hadn’t even thought to ask… especially if you have a favorite Saiyon that you’re rooting for. The movie is serious but also hilarious at parts, like most Dragon Ball Z story lines are. It’s a true anime movie that keeps the goofy spirit of Dragon Ball Z alive while also interesting many life or death stories, gods and characters. If you think you know the Dragon Ball Z universe, this movie will introduce you to so much more.

Dragon Ball Z Revival F is an excellent addition to the Dragon Ball Z franchise and is well worth your time and money – it’s a must watch for any fan of Dragon Ball Z (new or old!)

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