Dragon Ball Fukkatsu no F: 5 Main Characters

Dragon Ball Fukkatsu no F main character

After the success and super fan follow up of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Akira has put up his efforts in the sequel “Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F/ Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’/ Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no ‘efu’ which emerged as number 1 in Japan taking place of ‘Fast and Furious 7’.

Although the Dragon Ball Z series turned into movie had great impact in Battle of Gods but the sequel emerged as a blasting victory. The plot alone is enough to gather all the fan attention, the letter ‘F’ highlights the revival of Earth destructor, powerful Saiyan, Great Villain, ‘Frieza’ in strengthened and annihilating form!! Although the plot and scheme was a follow up of last film but there are some main characters which evolved in many ways and their role added energy boosting and climax in the movie.

1. Goku:

Goku has been the main character since the start of the Dragon Ball series as story center and throughout the series and the two movies, he has evolved different in terms of his training and powers, apart from that his charming, friendly and loyal personality has been same! He has been the savior of Earth for always and in this sequel also he was loyal to his responsibility. Revival of Frieza, meant a great threat to Earth and its people. The fact that Frieza has emerged super strong strongly urged the need of a powerful competitor. So, in this sequel Dragon Ball Z: Fukatsu no F we see Goku, in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Form with his boosted super power and determination to fight and defeat Frieza.

2. Frieza:

Frieza is the Super villain who come back to life by his henchmen with the help of Pilaf, Shu and Mai. After Frieza revival by summoning the Dragon ‘Shenlong’, he become known of super Saiyan who has defeated God! Frieza knows his strength and with his strengthened pride he decides to avenge Goku and obliterate Earth. Frieza is envious of becoming strongest entity in universe and to prove that he use all his abilities and potentials to defeat Goku and he also nearly succeeds in the main fight because his abilities are matchless and frightening. Vegeta:

Vegeta doesn’t belong to category of good people when looked at the history of Dragon Ball Z, but in Last movie Battle of the Gods, the need of hour and for his own benefit Vegeta had to side with Goku. In Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F, Vegeta has been seen as major supporting role, esp. his intervention in mega fight of Goku and Frieza. His intervention had two major reasons, he had his own reason to revenge the destruction of his planet by Saiyan and the defeat of Goku would mean Armageddon!!

3. Bulma:

This supporting character played minor but comical and important role. She is the first one who comes to know of Frieza arrival and she spreads the news and also informs Goku and Vegeta. Her comical dialogues and hilarious expressions also contribute to movies fun and comical factor.

Dragon Ball Fukkatsu no F main character

4. Jaco:

Jaco is the favorite and funny character who contributes most with his hilarious quotes and super funny acting. The character is itself a strong comical part of series and both films.checkout latest release at http://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/02/26/heres-a-newly-revealed-character-list-for-the-2015-dragon-ball-z-movie-to-geek-out-over/

These are only five main characters but the project is an overall success due to very well directed contribution of all characters, making Dragon Ball Z: Fukatsu no F a package of comic, fun, thrill and excitement.

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