Akira Toriyama To Write New Manga Chapters For ‘Dragon Ball Z: Revival Of F’?

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The recent speculations tease the possibility that manga creator Akili Toriyama will be writing the new chapters for the “Dragon ball Z revival of F” series.  Although, this are rumors that Toriyama will be penning fresh chapters in the continuation to the original manga story.

The reason intended for the revival of the manga is presumed to be the downfall of the “Dragon Ball: Evolution” movie The Attack of the Fan Boy speculated.

The other reason behind this speculation is the failure of the manga-adapted movie gave the 60 years old creator enough motivation to write the new “dbz revival of f” material.

The new comment:

It was stated that he was not for the simulation of the “dragon ball super” anime series we have been watching. The dragon ball has been a thing of the past to most viewers including me got about the live action movie. Akira Toriyama noted that he re-wrote the entire movie script to give the movie new set.

What when wrong?

It is still speculated that the way in which the evolution based movie was set and created didn’t go with what the creator had intended. Toriyama has been complaining about the quality of the new TV anime as reported by the GojiTaff on what seems like Dragon ball has been grown on me so much I cannot leave it alone.

Thus, the “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F anime movie recently aired on the Hero TV the first time, after the release in June later year on Anime News Network reported. Meanwhile, the Deadline noted that the anime movie is the 19th instalment of the “Dragon Ball” franchise and is a continuation of the most popular flick in the series called “Battle of Gods.”

The new storyline:

The storyline of the new chapters is intended to continue with the interesting adventures of Goku and the Z fighters. This will kick start a new beginning of the “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F” movie a storyline focused on Goku, Vegeta and the antagonist, Frieza, Comic Book Resources reported.

The new script features how Frieza’s army gathered all the Dragon Balls to be sued to bring back their leader to existence.

To conclude:

dragon ball zBack when Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F aired, longtime fans of the franchise took issue with Goten and Trunks’ absence from the fight. The two kids have previously fought against BUU in dragon ball z with the fused form, where Gotenks, is quite literally one of the strongest characters in the DB universe.

Other than that, Akira Toriyama, the series creator, noted that it was eventually researched that the two kids should not take part in the fight, according to Kanzenshuu. As this would place then at the risk of losing the next generation of warriors. see other info coming from http://comicbook.com/anime/2017/01/10/dragon-ball-z-goku-s-voice-actor-almost-played-captain-ginyu/

This in consideration, it seems like the same thing will be happening in Dragon Ball super universe survival Arc once more.  Hope you will be enjoying the dragon ball z revival of f.

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