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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F: What the F?

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Let’s face it… geek culture is cool. One of the most up and coming geek culture things is dragon ball z revival f. Don’t know what that is? We’ll discuss the ins and outs and what out “what the F?”

What is the plot of Dragon Ball Z Revival F?

Dragon Ball Z Revival F is the most recent movie from the Dragon Ball Z franchise. It’s just as big and ridiculous as the rest of the offerings from that franchise and fans will not be disappointed. The film features the main character, Frieza (hence the F in Dragon Ball Z Revival F!) who until recently was one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe. After his fall from grace and subsequent resurrection by his minions in DBZ Revival F, Frieza is back and looking for revenge. During the time that Frieza was gone, Goku has been training nonstop. He’s trained with the god of gods (think the biggest, strongest dude in the universe – basically unbeatable!), fought a monster than is capable of destroying universes and battled with a death god of destruction and, after beating that god, trained with his god! Before Dragon Ball Z Revival F, Goku was a simple Saiyon when he beat Frieza the first time and now he has leveled up to a Super Saiyon God! How will Frieza survive this one?!

Why should I watch Dragon Ball Z Revival F?

ccording to critics, DBZ Revival F is one of the most pure and more entertaining movies in franchise history! Even if you don’t have a lot of history with Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Revival F is a stand alone and fun movie. It almost works as an abridged version of the full franchise, showing the entire arc of the characters and what that means for the universe. It shows just how much and how quickly the power structure of the whole Dragon Ball Z universe can change. Although it is a little slow at the beginning, it picks up and is a nonstop thrill ride for the majority of the remainder of the movie. Who will prevail? Goku? Frieza? What will happen to the world after that? You should definitely watch Dragon Ball Z Revival F to answer those questions and more that you hadn’t even thought to ask… especially if you have a favorite Saiyon that you’re rooting for. The movie is serious but also hilarious at parts, like most Dragon Ball Z story lines are. It’s a true anime movie that keeps the goofy spirit of Dragon Ball Z alive while also interesting many life or death stories, gods and characters. If you think you know the Dragon Ball Z universe, this movie will introduce you to so much more.

Dragon Ball Z Revival F is an excellent addition to the Dragon Ball Z franchise and is well worth your time and money – it’s a must watch for any fan of Dragon Ball Z (new or old!)

Akira Toriyama To Write New Manga Chapters For ‘Dragon Ball Z: Revival Of F’?

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The recent speculations tease the possibility that manga creator Akili Toriyama will be writing the new chapters for the “Dragon ball Z revival of F” series.  Although, this are rumors that Toriyama will be penning fresh chapters in the continuation to the original manga story.

The reason intended for the revival of the manga is presumed to be the downfall of the “Dragon Ball: Evolution” movie The Attack of the Fan Boy speculated.

The other reason behind this speculation is the failure of the manga-adapted movie gave the 60 years old creator enough motivation to write the new “dbz revival of f” material.

The new comment:

It was stated that he was not for the simulation of the “dragon ball super” anime series we have been watching. The dragon ball has been a thing of the past to most viewers including me got about the live action movie. Akira Toriyama noted that he re-wrote the entire movie script to give the movie new set.

What when wrong?

It is still speculated that the way in which the evolution based movie was set and created didn’t go with what the creator had intended. Toriyama has been complaining about the quality of the new TV anime as reported by the GojiTaff on what seems like Dragon ball has been grown on me so much I cannot leave it alone.

Thus, the “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F anime movie recently aired on the Hero TV the first time, after the release in June later year on Anime News Network reported. Meanwhile, the Deadline noted that the anime movie is the 19th instalment of the “Dragon Ball” franchise and is a continuation of the most popular flick in the series called “Battle of Gods.”

The new storyline:

The storyline of the new chapters is intended to continue with the interesting adventures of Goku and the Z fighters. This will kick start a new beginning of the “Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F” movie a storyline focused on Goku, Vegeta and the antagonist, Frieza, Comic Book Resources reported.

The new script features how Frieza’s army gathered all the Dragon Balls to be sued to bring back their leader to existence.

To conclude:

dragon ball zBack when Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F aired, longtime fans of the franchise took issue with Goten and Trunks’ absence from the fight. The two kids have previously fought against BUU in dragon ball z with the fused form, where Gotenks, is quite literally one of the strongest characters in the DB universe.

Other than that, Akira Toriyama, the series creator, noted that it was eventually researched that the two kids should not take part in the fight, according to Kanzenshuu. As this would place then at the risk of losing the next generation of warriors. see other info coming from

This in consideration, it seems like the same thing will be happening in Dragon Ball super universe survival Arc once more.  Hope you will be enjoying the dragon ball z revival of f.

Greatest show of all the times – Dragon ball Z revival of F

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For those of you who are new to the appearance, Dragon Ball Z is an anime arrangement created by Toei Animation from 1989 to 1996. Nonetheless, it was acquainted and made well known with the United States through Cartoon Networks activity based TV piece dragon ball Z revival of F  in 1998, and after its underlying achievement, kept on airing on toon system through 2005.

The story focuses on a to a great degree effective outsider, also called a Saiyan, named Goku. Regardless of Goku’s super speed and quality, he is a kind, uncorrupt hero in dragon ball Z revival of F with a lively identity and a demeanor of honesty that the viewer can’t resist the opportunity to be pulled in to. However for all his positive qualities, Goku is a furious and almost relentless warrior in fight, never battling for the wrong reasons, but just to ensure his companions and the planet earth from the numerous baddies in DBZ revival of F who unavoidably get in his direction.

Presently an extraordinary aspect concerning DBZ revival of F was that it contained such a large number of various characters with whom the viewer could identify with or even loathe.

The Good

The half Saiyan child of Goku, Gohan in DBZ revival of F seems innocuous at first sight, However when he got irate, he summons a force matching his own dad. At the point when the viewer is initially acquainted with Gohan, he is for all intents and purposes a baby, but that all progressions when Piccolo trains him for an entire year and helps him to open the inward potential that would uncover itself later in the arrangement.


Definitely not the most critical of the DBZ revival of F contenders, Yamcha was initially presented in the early scenes of Dragon Ball, but by the center of Dragon Ball Z, he had lost his significance in the appear and was generally a minor character. Likely the most significant thing about Yamcha was his great passing on account of the saibamen (what an approach).

Tien-Like Yamcha, Tien was initially presented in the Dragonball arrangement, but he too had lost his pertinence in dragon ball Z fukkatsu no F after he was slaughtered by the SaiyanNappa and later wished back to life. His most noteworthy commitment to the show would need to be his Solar Flare move.

Krillin-Bald and short, Krillin has every one of the makings of a sidekick. Continuously a stage behind Goku, Krillin is generally embedded into the plot at whatever point Goku is either bustling preparing or holding up to be wished back to life. For every one of his weaknesses, Krillin in the long run weds Android #18, has a girl with her, and even grows a full head of hair.


The future posterity of Bulma and Vegeta, Trunks comes back to the past keeping in mind the end goal to spare Goku from passing on of a coronary illness in dragon ball Z fukkatsu no F and subsequently prevent the world from being wrecked by androids.

The newest Dragon Ball Z movie for fans – Dragon Ball Z revival of F

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Sorbet and Tagoma, members of Freeza’s army, arrive on Earth in search of the Dragon Balls. This sounds pretty common when we come to think of the Dragon Ball universe, however there is a whole new twist to it when we watch dragon ball z revival of f. The goal is to gather them to bring their former leader back to life, who died after a battle with Goku – and if you are a fan of the series, which is a true myth in several different countries all over the world – then you will definitely have interest in watching this movie. The plan is successful and, with it, Freeza returns with a vengeance. Now, Goku and his friends will have to come together to send the villain again to the underworld. The movie dbz revival of f was released in june 2015 and definitely made its fans fall in love with Goku and his gang all over again.

Curious facts aboutdbz revival of f

  • The film is derived from the anime Dragon Ball Z (1996), created by Akira Toriyama. This is the fifteenth film of attraction.
  • Dbz revival of fan original story, as well as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (2013).
  • Freeza’s henchmen villain have food names: Tagoma is a derivation of the Japanese word “tamago”, which means “egg”; Sorbet comes from “ice cream”; and Shisami refers to the famous Japanese dish “sashimi”.
  • The letter F of the title refers to the villain’s name initial, Frieza.
  • The idea of ​​the title of the film came when Akira Toriyama heard the song “F”, the Japanese band Maximum The Hormone, indicated by a friend. The most curious thing is that the band, in fact, already had composed a song about Frieza.
  • dragon ball z revival of f never ends in the hearts of fans!
  • The whole gang will be there – exactly the way fans are used to them – no plot twists that spoil the fun!

The questions that arose when dragon ball z fukkatsu no f was released

Whenever a new film in the series Dragon Ball comes to the big screen, there also comes the inevitable question: it is only for connoisseurs of mythology created by Akira Toriyama and the uninitiated can also enjoy the featured film? In the case of The Renaissance Freeza, the answer is closer to the first group. Unlike Battle of the Gods, rather didactic to continue the saga of Goku& co, this new film requires the viewer to bring some prior information. The movie is still worth it for those who know the series. Fans will definitely not feel betrayed since there is no extreme plot twist. Fans will indeed be happy to see all of their favorite characters in yet one more adventure. This is indeed an amazing movie that will definitely make fans happy.

At least, watching the previous movie is mandatory for those who want to really understand what goes on in dragon ball z fukkatsu no f.

Latest Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F Features Frieza in His New Golden Form

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Dragon Ball Z Revival of F is going to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year.  Throughout the years, Dragon Ball has been a huge hit for lovers of anime but there are never going to be any bigger show or movie than Dragon Ball.  However, the new movie is going to feature the old favorite, Frieza and he is meaner than ever.

Who Is Frieza?

Frieza is the baddie who was apparently killed off in the last Dragon Ball movie and while that may have been true, it isn’t going to stop everyone’s most loved villain from returning.  He isn’t going to stay dead for long and Frieza’s loyal men are willing to do whatever they can to bring back their master.  It isn’t long before Frieza is back however and when he returns, there is going to be only so long before he can avoid Goku.  DBZ Revival of F looks set to be a winner once again.

Where Will The Movie Lead To?

Most people think Dragon Ball will come to an end soon, however, that may not be the case because there is still so much to explore.  You not only have the great Frieza to keep watching time and time again but you also have a huge array of characters who can bring fresher and fresher stories time after time.  There is no end of potential when it comes to storylines and it may just lead to more movies and maybe a few more TV series too.  Dragon Ball Z Revival of F looks very impressive.

Does the New Movie Lead To Success?

Actually, the latest movie has become a very popular addition to the franchise and it seems that the old fans are going to love the new movie just as they loved the first movies.  However, will Dragon Ball Z Revival of F live up to its expectations?  Well, it does seem as though it will because it has a lot of quality in terms of characters and storylines but it doesn’t look as though it’s been around for so long.  It’s strange but it does appear as though Dragon Ball is still quite a new anime just heading out on the market. More details here!

Will You Be A Fan?

Frieza is probably a much loved character and his return is going to allow most fans the ability to enjoy their favorite character again.  Though, there are going to be times when Dragon Ball Z loses its appeal especially if some characters don’t appear but right now, it looks like the best anime on the market.  This may be debatable but Dragon Ball Z Revival of F does look impressive.

DBZ Revival of F – Precious New Villain

The great thing about Dragon Ball is that while the same old villains remain, the character doesn’t get old.  The story may center on the same thing, the hero and villain going to war once again but it still is appealing in so many ways.  You are absolutely going to love what the new story offers and if you love Dragon Ball, you’ll love the new movie.  Dragon Ball Z Revival of F will be a popular choice for many today.

Dragon Ball Z, the battle of God synopsis

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The Planet of Saiyans has been completely destroyed by Frieza and nothing remains on that planet. The God of Destruction, “Beerus” is visiting Earth looking for ‘Formidable opponent’ he saw in his prophetic dream. Beerus is the most powerful God who destroys planet to keep the balance of universe. His decisions are unaltered and once determined cannot be stopped. What will become of Earths fait? Does this Godly visit marks the end of Earth also?

The intentions of Lord Beerus:

Whis, the attendant of Lord Beerus wakes him from his 39 years of slumber. After he wakes up from his short nap, Whis informs Beerus about some important events that occurred during his slumber. Beerus is fine to be informed of Planet Saiyan destruction by Frieza as it was done on Beerus’ orders. What rises a little concern and curiosity in Beerus mind is the news of Frieza Defeat by a Saiyan “Goku”. He is also informed that some Saiyans survived and are living on other planets like earth and they can also transform into more powerful “Super Saiyans”.

The mentioning of this piece of information makes Beerus aroused and concerned but not worried. He tells of a dream he saw in his sleep of a “Super Saiyan God” who will emerge as his “formidable opponent” but now he was wondering if the dream was a prophecy to be followed by fated reality. He asks Whis about Saiyan who survived and Goku who defeated Freiza. He was eager to find out if “Super Saiyan God” really exists so he decides to pay visit to all the Saiyans who survived.

The search for “Super Saiyan God”:

Goku is training with Kaio on his planet. Learning and developing his skills with Kaio and an over confidence he has gained after acquiring Super Saiyan transformation. Beerus decides to meet Goku and reaches Planet Kaio, Kaio is worried and disturbed by his visit. He humbly greets the God of Destruction but Beerus asks for Goku. Goku meets Beerus in casual way but he doesn’t appreciate it and asks for a proper greeting which Goku poorly manages. They have conversation which leads to the topic of ‘Super Saiyan God”. Kaio and Goku shows complete unfamiliarity with such existence. Before he leaves Goku asks for a fight with Beerus, which leaves Goku in a bad shape with a single blow from this article for more details.

Beerus is still not satisfied and decides to visit Earth. Vegeta is informed by Kaio of his arrival but before he could tell anyone Beerus and Whis has already joined the birthday party of Bulma, Vegeta’s wife. Everything is fine and runs smoothly until some disturbance leads to a fight and Beerus makes up his mind to destroy earth. To tackle with the situation the Z fighters themselves are looking for the Super Saiyan God and discovers that the entity can be made with the information from Shenlong. Six Saiyans team up to produce a Super Saiyan God, the procedure ends in a huge battle light and emergence of red aura of Goku as Super Saiyan God.

The Battle of Gods:

This moment marks the beginning of great battle between two powerful Gods. Beerus knows now that Goku has become a God and his powers have increased but his own powers are one of the kind in universe. The great battle begins with both gods in their super transformed forms, huge and powerful blows and attacks from both side continues but there is no defeating end yet decided.

Dragon Ball Z, the battle of God synopsis

This fight could continue for forever because there was no defeat although the emergence of Goku as Super Saiyan God did impress Beerus, which makes him postpone his decision of Earth destruction on condition that Goku surrenders which he did!checkout latest episode at

The movie Dragon ball Z: battle of Gods was a huge success which leaded to its sequel “Dragon Ball Z: revival of F”. The story and scheme is extra ordinary with comical and thrilling fighting scenes giving energy boosts throughout the movie.

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F’ North America Release Date & Screening

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After getting a huge success and fan approval, appreciation in Japan; Toei Amination is ready to get the Americans going to cinema. Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F broke records and did extra ordinary business in Japan, now it’s time for North America to get entertained by this fully packaged anime! It has story, thrill, fun, comic and an exciting plot.

North American release:

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F is not the first of Toei Animation that will be released in English, the serial and the previous part “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” have also been dubbed, released, watched, approved and appreciated worldwide. This professional task of English dubbing accomplished by FUNimation’s!! And now the movie is getting a limited release in North American Theaters from August 4- 12.

Although the movie is released in Japan in 3D, it is still not known if in American theaters the release would be 3D or not? The movie will be shown in selective theaters and for very limited duration also limited tickets so it is advisable to not miss this chance of super fun anime experience with friends and family.see more animation movie at

Interesting plot and thrilling action:

Dragon ball z: Revival of F follows the storyline of Goku and his life. But this doesn’t mean it is only Dragon ball Z fans and followers targeted. The concept and scheme of film does follow storyline but welcome old and new fans. The movie is an animation but is super exciting and fun for kids and adults equally.

After the settlement with Beerus, God of Destruction by Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods; the earth is in peace and the people are also living happy. But there is something they are oblivious of!! The remnants of army of Frieza are seeking for a way to revive their leader, their Master. The revival is accomplished with the help of Pilaf, Mai and Shu. The great fighter has emerged now more powerful and super determined to seek vengeance on Goku and other Saiyans. An army of 1000 reaches earth with intentions of annihilation and obliteration! The twists and turns in movie make it full of suspense. The grand arrival of Frieza on Earth and the following events won’t let viewers look way from more reviews about this movie at

Brief Spoiler and sneak peek:

Dragon Ball Z Revival of F

Apart from the great plot and scheme that is followed in movie the graphics, audio and character development is remarkably stunning. The animation project is personally supervised by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball z series. The epic moments include the revival of Frieza, a wish granted by dragon Shinlong, the arrival of Frieza army on earth, the encounter of Saiyans and Frieza Army and the mega fight of Goku and Frieza. The revelation of “Golden Frieza Form” and the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form of Goku, the aura are climaxes of movie. The sad and heart wrenching scene of wounded and weak Goku and a lot more! Dragon Ball z: revival of F is complete in all aspects of thrill, fight, comic, and fun. The Film will also be released in Australia and probably UK.

Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F Preview

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Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F/ Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F is a 120 min of super entertainment package under the genre of Action, Comedy, Shounen, a successful production of Japanese Toei Animation and in English released by FUNimation entertainment.visit my latest blog post at

Fan Approach and impact:

It got number one ranking taking the place of Fast and Furious 7 in Japan and thus was also released in selected theaters of North America and Australia. The movie is sequel of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and is a continuation of traditional Dragon Ball Z series into amazing movie. Both the movies are personally monitored and supervised by creator Dragon Ball series Akira Toriyama. The Battle of Gods released in 2013 did business of $50.8 million, receiving huge fan appreciation.

The Great Revival of defeated villain:

Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F is a big invitation to its action-adventure fans. The movie has huge impact due to grand resurrection of villain of all times in Dragon Ball history, Frieza! After settlement with Beerus and saving the Earth from destruction, Goku and Vegeta are now training with Whis. Their training has greatly increased their abilities. Meanwhile Sorbet is scheming something Big! He plans to revive Freiza from hell. In order to make his efforts fruitful he compels Pilaf to demand for Frieza revival from Dragon. And so the resurrection occurs! Revival of Freiza meant a great threat once defeated coming back to life!

And so the movie goes on with the interesting plot. Frieza after his revival has become more powerful and his abilities are also revived like never before. Right after Freiza resurrection, an army of 1000 soldiers and Freiza himself as leader attack on earth seeking revenge on Z fighters. His vengeance is thirsty for destruction of all Saiyans, so he lands on earth with his army.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form verses Golden Frieza:

The interesting part that the director added was the climax of granting Frieza a Golden Frieza form and Goku a Super Saiyan god super Saiyan transformation. Both of these transformations are remarkable and well timed. The blue aura of Goku verses the Golden form of Freiza adds a definite peak in mega fight. The interesting thing is that all the characters are appropriately involved in movie. The comical roles and comments are super hilarious along with thrilling experience of mega Battle between traditional rivals. The other important event that needs to be highlighted is the appearance of Vegeta and his power brought in spot light. He played a supporting role and a partner role with Goku in film but the interesting twist is the opportunity for him to avenge the annihilation of his Planet by Freiza. And he does add impressive attacking stunts and blows in the fight.

Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F

The character that played villain in last part of movie is also seen but to the total surprise of viewers he acted as an audience in whole event as nonchalant neutral party. The reason could be the settlement and impressive fight with Goku in last encounter or may be his hatred for Frieza was more intense as compared to his will for earth destruction.visit this website for more detailed updates.

In either case the super entertainment is completely impressive in all aspects of comic, fun, anime, adventure and action. The Dragon Ball series have very loyal fans and so does now the fans applaud cheerfully for this tremendous accomplishment of Toei Animation; Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F .

Dragon Ball Fukkatsu no F: 5 Main Characters

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After the success and super fan follow up of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Akira has put up his efforts in the sequel “Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F/ Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’/ Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no ‘efu’ which emerged as number 1 in Japan taking place of ‘Fast and Furious 7’.

Although the Dragon Ball Z series turned into movie had great impact in Battle of Gods but the sequel emerged as a blasting victory. The plot alone is enough to gather all the fan attention, the letter ‘F’ highlights the revival of Earth destructor, powerful Saiyan, Great Villain, ‘Frieza’ in strengthened and annihilating form!! Although the plot and scheme was a follow up of last film but there are some main characters which evolved in many ways and their role added energy boosting and climax in the movie.

1. Goku:

Goku has been the main character since the start of the Dragon Ball series as story center and throughout the series and the two movies, he has evolved different in terms of his training and powers, apart from that his charming, friendly and loyal personality has been same! He has been the savior of Earth for always and in this sequel also he was loyal to his responsibility. Revival of Frieza, meant a great threat to Earth and its people. The fact that Frieza has emerged super strong strongly urged the need of a powerful competitor. So, in this sequel Dragon Ball Z: Fukatsu no F we see Goku, in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Form with his boosted super power and determination to fight and defeat Frieza.

2. Frieza:

Frieza is the Super villain who come back to life by his henchmen with the help of Pilaf, Shu and Mai. After Frieza revival by summoning the Dragon ‘Shenlong’, he become known of super Saiyan who has defeated God! Frieza knows his strength and with his strengthened pride he decides to avenge Goku and obliterate Earth. Frieza is envious of becoming strongest entity in universe and to prove that he use all his abilities and potentials to defeat Goku and he also nearly succeeds in the main fight because his abilities are matchless and frightening. Vegeta:

Vegeta doesn’t belong to category of good people when looked at the history of Dragon Ball Z, but in Last movie Battle of the Gods, the need of hour and for his own benefit Vegeta had to side with Goku. In Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F, Vegeta has been seen as major supporting role, esp. his intervention in mega fight of Goku and Frieza. His intervention had two major reasons, he had his own reason to revenge the destruction of his planet by Saiyan and the defeat of Goku would mean Armageddon!!

3. Bulma:

This supporting character played minor but comical and important role. She is the first one who comes to know of Frieza arrival and she spreads the news and also informs Goku and Vegeta. Her comical dialogues and hilarious expressions also contribute to movies fun and comical factor.

Dragon Ball Fukkatsu no F main character

4. Jaco:

Jaco is the favorite and funny character who contributes most with his hilarious quotes and super funny acting. The character is itself a strong comical part of series and both films.checkout latest release at

These are only five main characters but the project is an overall success due to very well directed contribution of all characters, making Dragon Ball Z: Fukatsu no F a package of comic, fun, thrill and excitement.

The Top 5 Energy-Boosting Superfoods

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As you age, your body’s nutritional needs change — mostly because it processes the food you eat differently. Once you turn 40, your metabolism begins to slow down considerably. In addition, your hormone levels change and your blood pressure and cholesterol can go up — both of which can put you at an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Of course, our daily routines don’t get any easier once we hit 40. Between family and relationship needs and work and social commitments, we can find ourselves multitasking like never before. All of this can mean that our bodies are over-taxed every day.

This is why it’s really important how you replenish your energy stores.

For the energy you need to cope with life’s demands after 40, look no further than nutrient-rich, “slow carb” whole foods. Not energy drinks (ever read their labels?) – or double espresso shots. These quick pick-me-ups are followed by an inevitable crash.

What your body truly wants is a real support. So instead of reaching for a quick fix for your energy crisis, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and be sure you choose foods that can supercharge your diet — and your day.

The following 5 superfoods are true “energy stars.” Years ago I learned to make them the cornerstones of my diet for a steady stream of energy that carries me throughout my day — and fortifies my long-range health. Here they are…

1. Spirulina

Spirulina has long been touted for its beneficial health effects — and for good reason. This blue-green algae is an excellent source of pure protein, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids and it is also a good source of vitamin B12.

Research shows that not only is spirulina a powerful source of sustained energy, it also has detoxifying properties… is a strong antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties… is protective against stroke… reduces the risk of Parkinson’s Disease… improves cognition… and decreases symptoms of depression.

Want more? Okay: spirulina also protects the heart and reduces cholesterol… improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism… and increases your physical endurance, while reducing your fatigue threshold.

Spirulina is sold as a powder and in capsule form. I like the powder form because it’s easy to add to my smoothies.

2. Goji Berries

Berries top the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) charts as the ultimate anti-aging superfood. Their high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals are the best way to neutralize the destructive effects of free radical molecules and the oxidative damage they wreak on your cells and tissues. And in this regard, the goji is the King Berry.

Goji is packed with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as the powerful phytochemicals lycopene and beta-carotene. Research suggests that goji berry juice can boost energy levels, improve mood, and increase metabolism. Chinese practitioners commonly use bright orange goji berries to treat chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and combat age-related eye problems.

Eat them raw, cooked, or dried (like raisins) — or use goji berry extract in teas, juices, wines, and herbal medicines. Try tossing dried goji berries on top of your salad or breakfast cereal or add them to a trail mix. The dried berries are not very sweet, but I really like their pleasant, mellow taste.for more tips, go straight from the source.

3. Chia Seeds

Seeds are are full of protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, essential fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Pumpkin, hemp, flax, sunflower, pomegranate, cumin, and sesame are all great sources of these nutrients, making them good choices to include in your diet. But there’s one seed that stands a cut above the crowd: the chia.

Yes, this is the same seed made the “hair” sprout on your Chia Pets and Elvis’ Doo in the 70s. What a waste! Those chia sprouts that you tossed into the trash are a fantastic “energy super food.” But who knew?

Chia seeds have a wide range of amino acids, making them a complete protein source and helping explain why they have such impressive energy-boosting properties. What’s more, just two tablespoons of chia seeds contain over 5000mg of omega-3 fatty acids — nearly twice as much as the same serving of flaxseeds. Chia seeds are also an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and fiber.

After sitting in water, chia seeds combine to form a gel that soaks up fats in your bloodstream and moves them out of your body before they can lodge in your arteries.

The soaked seeds make a great egg substitute in baking and as a thickener for smoothies. The sprouts and the chia seeds themselves can be sprinkled directly on your salads for a nutty, protein-packed punch.

4. Maca

Known as “Peruvian ginseng,” maca is a vegetable resembling a turnip that grows in Andes Mountains in Peru. For over 3,000 years the root of the plant, which has a long history of boosting energy and endurance, has been cultivated and ground up to make medicine. Rich in calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, and B and C vitamins, maca shows promise for improving memory and cognition — and for decreasing anxiety and depression in postmenopausal women. In men, maca appears to be protective for the prostate. In both sexes, the root can be beneficial for maintaining bone health and as an aphrodisiac.

Maca has a grassy, dirt-like taste that you’ll want to mask. Try adding a teaspoon or two of the powder to your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or use it in your baked goods.

5. Cacao

The botanical name for the tree that chocolate comes from, raw cacao (pronounced know-know) is loaded with flavanols, antioxidants, magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C and phosphorus. Studies have shown cocoa flavanols can improve blood flow, which helps to increase energy levels and contribute to improved cardiovascular health. Supplementation has also been shown to improve mood and produce a sense of calm.


To reap the health benefits of the flavanols, stick with raw cacao powder, unsweetened cacao nibs, and unprocessed dark chocolate. I like adding the raw powder and nibs to smoothies. The powder also goes great in black bean soup and is a key ingredient in Mexican mole important information at

There’s one thing to keep in mind, however: don’t get confused by the recommendation to add cacao to your diet as a message to “eat more chocolate.” Processed chocolate is high in saturated fat, sugar, and calories.

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